How to Discipline Your Disappointments in 4 Steps

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How to Discipline Your Disappointments in 4 Steps by Heather Quisel
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Whether we’re talking business or talking life, we all experience disappointments, right?

There are the really high highs…

The really low lows…

The magic is in not resting at extremes. The magic is in managing expectations.

High highs breed expectation, and low lows come when those expectations not being met…and feeling like a failure because of them.

The root is EXPECTATION.

The truth with expectation is that it’s a false reality. You’re actually making up a story in your mind and emotionally attaching yourself to it.

So it comes true, and you’re on top of the world.

It doesn’t, and you’re feeling setback, discouragement, failure, etc.

How can you avoid that? How do you stay CHILL, and detach yourself from the outcome?

In my experience, there’s a gift in everything that works out…and there’s also a gift in everything that doesn’t. This is a TRUST you build…based on your life experiences, your faith, your confidence in yourself and your mission in life.

I’m going to give you 4 steps to work through to help you manage your own expectations.

  1. Decide to be unattached. Decide that you won’t invest in the outcome UNTIL it comes to life… In other words, cross that bridge when we get there.
  2. Chill…temper your emotions. Know that the outcome can go either way and affirm to yourself that you will be okay REGARDLESS. This is a trust in the universe – also known as faith.
  3. Release the need to worry. Worry robs you of all today’s energy that really should be used on …TODAY. Worry is a waste of your time and energy…you’re putting your thoughts in the future on something YOU CAN’T CONTROL. Release your need to control the outcome, too!
  4. Find the good. In EVERYTHING, you must seek to find the good. It’s the easiest thing in the world to draw conclusions, make false assumptions…this is what your brain does ON IT’S OWN. It’s the default setting: find the bad, the negative, and validate yourself in the loss of WHATEVER.

Don’t let yourself fall into this trap. Instead, be intentional in this step and find the good. Assume the best. ASSUME the universe has your back and in the end…this is okay. For whatever reason. And you are now stronger because you didn’t let this NO, or not now, or loss of friendship, or whatever drag you down and keep you there.

In every experience we have…good and bad…we are given PERSPECTIVE. This will serve you in the future, and each time you discipline your disappointments, you grow stronger and more prepared for your next level of impact.

Start managing your expectations of yourself and watch how much calmer your life becomes.

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