Being PERFECT is sabotaging your success, and what you can do to overcome it

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Being perfect is sabotaging your success and what you can do to overcome it by Heather Quisel
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I’m a recovering perfectionist. This means that most of the time I still try to be perfect, BUT I’m aware of how that trait has the potential to sabotage everything I do. If you’re a perfectionist like I was, you have a hard time finishing things because until it’s perfect you don’t want to put it out there. I learned something a couple years ago that radically changed my perspective and I hope it will help you too.

Perfectionism gets in the way of reaching goals and feeling fulfilled. Recently, I was working with a one on one client. She was so stuck on getting her website perfect that she couldn’t get it to the web developer and without the website she couldn’t direct traffic and get sales. She was basically paralyzed by her need for perfection and preventing herself from succeeding. I told her this same phrase I’m about to share with you.

Good and done is better than perfect and not done.

This means that you can sit all day in your need to be perfect and actually accomplish very little OR you can get it out there knowing that having it out there will only help you and then continue to tweak it later.

Just get it on paper.

Just pick up the phone.

Just start the conversation.

To borrow from a famous shoe brand – Just do it. Whatever your “it” is.

If you’re waiting for perfection, you could be waiting forever. Quit sabotaging yourself and your success. Instead, repeat the mantra “good and done.”

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