The Down Low on Sales Today

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The Down Low on Sales Today by Heather Quisel
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Let’s talk about sales for a minute. What do you think about when you hear the word “sales?” We all have these ideas about what selling and sales mean – and for most of us, it’s negative. Words like “manipulative, pushy, salesy, and aggressive” come to mind really quickly.  But here’s the thing! Sales in the last 10 years has changed DRAMATICALLY!

Sales is no longer about pushy, aggressive tactics. And here’s why. Our entire landscape has changed. Prior to the internet, we were a captive audience to whatever sales person we went to and we had very limited information – and no fast, easy way to educate ourselves. Now, we have the internet available in our pockets! And the ability to buy just about everything from the comfort of our own homes.

Before the internet, though, that salesperson had the ability to manipulate facts to make the sale. Not everyone did, but when it happened, it made all consumers wary of the entire sales process.

With everything at our fingertips, the game has changed. Salespeople aren’t the point of contact for information anymore. Instead, salespeople are the curators of all that information. Consumers have SO MUCH information available now it can be hard to filter through. The best salespeople today help them filter through it and give consumers the most important information to make a decision that works for them.

So, in your business, you’re acting as a salesperson. This means you need to remember that the old method of selling to people is no longer the path to success. Instead, it’s about working with them. Sharing information and being of service to them. It’s about helping other people get what they want.

It has nothing to do with YOU and everything to do with helping other people. Approach your business from this perspective and you’ll crush it every time.

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