Two Questions to ask to Raise your Energy and Kill it in Business this month

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Two Questions to ask to Raise your Energy and Kill it in Business this month by Heather Quisel
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Today’s a new day and a new month! This means it’s time to seize the moment. The new month means new opportunities to crush your goals. Today, I want to focus on your energy. You’re the heartbeat of your home, your office, your business – everything you do. Let’s start this month off with a check in. Is your heartbeat radiating the love and energy you want it to?

You are a light, a beacon, for your business. The new month gives you a chance to take stock of where you are and where you want to go. Ask yourself, “who am I?” In discovering this, identify what really gets you excited. Month end is a big deal in my business. It’s all encompassing and exhausting. But it’s also exciting! What gets you up no matter how tired you are? And on the flip side, what completely drains every ounce of joy from you?

Do more of what excites you and less of what drains you.

Really think about this. And use your energy wisely. Walk full force into what lights you up and back away from what drains you. If that means distancing yourself from certain people or situations – do it. If that means focusing on a different client base – do it.

You’re here for a big purpose. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be changing the lives of millions. Your big purpose might be in your own house. You’ll know your big purpose because it’s the thing that gets you out of bed no matter how tired you are. Living that purpose, embracing that purpose – that’s your homework for this month.

When you do this, you’ll crush every goal you set. You’ll truly be living a life full of gratitude and that inner light, your heartbeat, will radiate love and light and draw those who need you to you.

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