How to Win People Over with Your Voice

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how to win people over with your voice by Heather Quisel
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Think about how you present yourself. What do you think about first? Your makeup? Your clothes? Something else? All of those things are important, but none of them matter quite as much as your tone of voice. From your tone of voice, people are deciding about your confidence, your intelligence, your capabilities. It’s about the energy with which you show up. Energy, both good and bad, is contagious.

Keeping that in mind, you can see how your tone of voice plays a key role in winning people over to your brand. Let’s say you’re on a phone call with a prospective client or team member. The energy, the tone of voice, you bring to that call is the biggest factor by which the person on the other side of the call is going to base their decision.

Here’s an example from my own journey. Early on when I started growing my business, one of my coaches pointed out to me that I ended a lot of my sentences with an uptick, a rise in my voice. Women do this more than men. This uptick is basically speaking on the in breath rather than the out breath. In general, people do this when they’re nervous. It causes our vocal chords to tighten and our voices to get higher. In English, this higher tone at the end of the sentence signals a question.

Think about how that sounds to a prospect. You’re laying out your pitch and every sentence you sound like you’re questioning your own information and abilities. Would you buy something from that person? Would you join their team? Of course not. Tone of voice matters.

By being weak in our energy and tone, we send the signal that we’re unsure, that the price or other details of the sale are negotiable, when they’re not. Doing that means you’ve basically turned away business before you’ve even had a chance to make the sale.

This week, I want you to practice speaking on the out breath. Vocal chords are relaxed. Your voice comes out deeper and thus more confident. You come off as being calm, assured, in control and confident. People will want to buy from you because of the energy you bring.

Practice this in every facet of your life and make each one of them amazing!

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