Work/Life Balance Isn’t What You Think It Is

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Work Life Balance Isn't What You Think It Is by Heather Quisel
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Most people are seeking a work/life balance that just doesn’t exist, which leaves them feeling completely inadequate and frustrated! Chances are, your life IS in balance…but it’s simply not what you thought it looks like!

In my experience as a coach and business owner, this false understanding of what balance means makes people feel like they’re failing, when in fact, the opposite is true. It sabotages mental health. Yuck!

Here’s the thing, you’re more balanced than you think you are. Let’s take a look at what a balanced day looks like.

Most women think a balanced life means having an awesome day at work, having fun with the kids, making and eating three healthy meals, spending quality time with their spouse and having hair and clothes totally on point. Phew! That day sounds tiring, not balanced, to me.

A truly balanced life doesn’t look anything like that. That’s more perfection, which no one ever achieves. A BALANCED life looks more like this: there’s a constant fluctuation. One thing, say your businesses, is totally on point. To BALANCE that, the kitchen is a disaster, and the kids and hubby are completely neglected. And that’s okay because tomorrow, you can focus on them and neglect your business a bit.

BALANCE is about being great at one thing for a moment and allowing other things to slow down for a few moments. It’s about your week, or month. If over that broad span of time, everything is being attended to and nothing is neglected, you’ve nailed it! Balance isn’t about an hour or a day. It’s about a lifetime. Don’t get down on yourself for pushing pause on one thing so you can focus on another – that will balance out. And that’s really the point.

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